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Signatures for #LongLiveLongmire

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51 ConnieBlakley absolutely one of my favorite shows. Brings to light, many of today's issues that native Americans face as well as a glimpse into their rich culture and heritage. That along with a great story every single week. Great cast and crew. Central 62
52 EDarrach This is such a well-written and terrific show, and there are so few of those these days, it deserves better than what A&E gave it.   47
53 PaulaPerry The best show on tv. I like how the Native American Culture is treated with respect. central 67
54 dawngargis we want LONGMIRE! CENTRAL 43
55 HopeReel I love this show and will PAY for it, like on Netflix for example :) PT 45
56 ChipMautz Please pick up our favorite show - we are a very loyal audience that will watch for years! Eastern 43
57 MicheleFrazier #LongLiveLongmire Central 48
58 JamiePeace Renew Longmire central  
59 KateSparks Bring me my Longmire back@ Easter 62
60 LaurieMitchell Best show on TV. Will follow and support any network that picks it up. Central 56
61 GlenwoodMcGeorge Bring Walt Back! #LongLiveLongmire PST 40
62 territillman i will follow Longmire to its new channel. central 54
63 BethHicks Longmire is one of the best shows I have ever watched. It's hard to believe that A &E would cancel it. #LongLiveLongmire!! central 35
64 RosannaSharp #LongLiveLongmire central 66
65 TedWhite      
66 KimKlyberg   ET 46
67 kenbachmann with the boomer generation still being the largest percentage of the population with the disposal income A&E just didn't make sense doing this?! They need to take the A off their title !!! mt. 62
68 ShellyWhite   Central 49
69 WendyWarren All of my friends (which is more than a few) absolutely love this show, as well as myself. I want to see it back on the air!! Mountain 54
70 GaryLee      
71 AutumnRosen   EST 40
72 JosephOrmerod Best show on TV! Eastern 51
73 yvonnebarrett Love this show - best show on - will no longer watch A&E network Eastern 51
74 SuzanneDempsey   Eastern 46
75 PhyllisMoore Bring back Longmire. I would even join Netflix if they would pick up them up. central 52
76 BarbTurner A fantasic Show deserving of many Years of seasons beyonD where we ended with season 3 Eastern 58
77 KevinHiggins Best show I've come across on any network in a long time. Central 47
78 YovonneAutrey I'm in the demographic that SHOULD be targeted by advertisers. Longmire was one of the best TV shows on TV, including shows on PBS & BBC America! Please bring back this series full of interesting characters and great stories, as well as integrity! Pacific 55
79 SusanRay I solemnly swear that I will do whatever is required to join/subscribe/follow/totally support whichever network gives my Longmire a home! Mountain 57
80 PennyBigham Please find a new home for this show. I loved watching it so much, Eastern 59
81 KathleenHarrelson Please find a new home for one of my favorite shows (and book series). EST 56
82 AnnieBeaudry Bring back Longmire! Best show on TV. Central 55
83 garywright somebody, please put Longmire back on tv. eastern 61
84 CodyTerry   central 44
85 KayArtley   Eastern  
86 KelleyJohnson I love Longmire!! We were faithful watchers!!! Please bring it back!!! Pacifc 48
87 JohnGarrett Love the show and books. east 53
88 PatriciaMurphy   Mountain 46
89 DurbinGoodwin   Eastern 55
90 CoraHolland Longmire was the BEST thing on tv!!! Bring it back!! central 64
91 CatherineMihm Longmire is my favorite show. Save Longmire. Central 50
92 StephanieJordan #LongLiveLongmire!! Central 34
93 SherryDewey-Hawuczyk   eastern 62
94 RogerAllen      
95 LisaJaso Longmire is one of the best shows of recent. We anxiously awaited the next episode! Please bring them back! Central 51
96 SusanNice   Central 53
97 JodyStark #LongLiveLongmire Mountain  
98 Deborah Johnson   pacific 67
99 TammyThompson Longmire would be an asset to any network Eastern 55
100 MindyBrown Longmire needs to continue - this is a TV show with talented actors based on wonderful books - there are a lot of stories still to be told. Please bring Longmire back to us! Central