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12551 AmandaWyatt LONG LIVE LONGMIRE N COWBOYS!! central/oklahoma 40
12552 DanielO'Connor What I'm about to write is very important for me, as a huge fan I would like to know if i can get in touch with anyone affiliated to the show or anyone who could help me in buying the props at the end of the series or props which no longer will be used.   20
12553 BrianVeitch   New Zealand 56
12554 ZaraNiemeyer One of the best shows out there- Keep it going! PST 55
12555 DarrylOwen Longmire is a great show which shows a history of America and the hardships of living in Wyoming. I never missed an episode. I recorded them all. People still get killed by bears and there are drug problems as well. Longmire brought the west back in homes Central Daylight Time  
12556 RaoulGorris Longmire is an excellent show, the whole family including my young daughter enjoys it. I really connect with the Walt Longmire character. Regards, Raoul Gorris Melbourne Australia 55
12557 terrydavis we need Longmire seasons great actors, producers central  
12558 KatShepard This show is the BEST!!! Don't let this one go, it's a WINNER! Eastern 56
12559 MitchellSeabold Let's do this eastern 56
12560 ConnieDavis Longmire is beautifully written, wonderfully acted and is the only real Western on TV. The show has everything: cowboys, Indians, romance, magic, great scenery, cows, horses, action, mystery, mayhem... plus an amazing fan base, everything a network love EST 58
12561 NikiHunter I have been watching Longmire since it began. I want to see it keep going. This is a modern day Western; a modern day Gunsmoke. Pacific 53
12562 CarolNorfleet   central 58
12563 TandyMunck Finally a show worth watching and it's not going to be on anymore??!!!! Please don't end it!!!! I LOVE THIS SHOW!!!!! MST 62
12564 BarbBrown