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Signatures for #LongLiveLongmire

ID First Name Last Name Comments Time zone of your primary residence Age of respondent
1 PamelaNordick Come on, Posse! Please sign this petition! It will show a more deserving network - the commitment & level of engagement of Longmire fans. & by answering 2 simple questions, you provide that lucky network with a valuable & accurate demographic snapshot! Pacific 57
2 BobRoberts Great show, one of the few that I make time to see. Bring it back and all the characters. Central 43
3 CeeJayH Bring Longmire back!! Moutain 41
4 LynnONeal   central 66
5 LouMiddleton   eastern 63
6 DanaRobertson   mountain 37
7 MissyBarber #LongLiveLongmire!! MNT 50
8 PatriciaRich   Central 60
9 SandraDuffey   Eastern 67
10 JeanHallada   Central 58
11 CarolLamper Never miss an episode. EST 68
12 PennieMace      
13 JerroldGaskins Longmire is the best show to come along in many years. Please quit feeding us the trash 'reality' shows, and keep quality coming into our homes. Eastern 58
14 Doris GailArmitage Demographic - yep I am in the demographic that wants Longmire TV show to continue. Why mess up a good thing? Please Please Please for the love of God, somebody needs to get this show back on the air and right away! Thank you very much. Central 43
15 OndiLittrell   Eastern. 59
16 LorenaHemphill   Central 35
17 NancyViney   EST 65
18 MonikaWoodruff #LongLiveLongmire Bring back Longmire Best show ever! Germany 43
19 MelissiaBarber #LongLiveLongmire!!    
20 DebbieHardin long live longmire! MDT 54
21 LauraDeleski Please someone pick up season 4 of Longmire. LOVE this show and want to see more!! Central 45
22 JeanneWeinberger Longmire is definately a quality show with a capital "Q". Qualty writing, acting and production values. The fans bring alot to the party. central 63
23 RogerStrahl #LongLiveLongmire CST 62
24 ValorieStricklin Bring back Longmire!!! PST  
25 BruceSnell #LongLiveLongmire Arizona 66
26 KatyS   central  
27 ChristineNedrow   Mountain 29
28 MichaelDeTienne Best show on television. Great story lines, great actors. #LongLiveLongmire! CDT 60
29 CarolSkidmore Bring Longmire back EST 54
30 JeffBorkowski #LongLiveLongmire central 55
31 JohnDarner      
32 LynnEmerson PLEASE bring Longmire back!!! Central 38
33 PamPurtle   Central 59
34 CassandraStacy      
35 TerryDavis Bring Longmire back! Central 58
36 LarryGibson   Mountain 54
37 DianeBurright even retired I'm bringing in more money than a lot of the 40 and under workers do Pacific  
38 JoanWalker Bring back the best show!!! Pacific 60
39 TeressaWelch Best show on TV. Please find a good home for it!    
40 JoyHejl Love this show. Will follow and watch it where ever it goes. Central 62
41 JuliaGregory Give Longmire a home and you will not be sorry. Remember that "Boomers got bank". We will watch it wherever it is. Central 58
42 SherriPemberton   Mountain 56
43 DeniseSchieffer Longmire is such a great show! I'm glad I discovered it, but don't leave me hanging! Please pick up this show! Central 53
44 MaryDuque      
45 LuanaLeger Please put Longmire on a regular channel. Not everyone can afford or has cable or satellite Mountain 51
46 LindaHall   mountain 68
47 AngelaMarshall This show is a show based on characters and stories. It doesn't rely on special effects and big budgets to get the story told. It deserves a life line. Ireland 42
48 TheresaReel   MT 48
49 SherriThomson Pemberton   Mountain 56
50 KirkUpthegrove   PDT