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Longmire had been the highest rated scripted drama, & the 2nd highest rated program overall, on the A&E network when they announced its cancellation after its 3rd season finished with a major cliffhanger! One of the reasons the network cited for their cancellation of Longmire, was the median age of its viewers being 60 years old, did not allow the network to charge the maximum fee per commercial minute that the younger demographic would. In other words, in spite of evidence to the contrary, they viewed their audience as being disposable. The studio & the producers of Longmire, have since been marketing the show to secure a more deserving network. The Longmire Posse Official Fan Site, its 30,000 members & all Longmire viewers, have been working since the cancellation was announced on August 28, 2014 - to build the power and influence of the Longmire audience in social media with the #LongLiveLongmire campaign. We've accomplished a lot towards that goal! With more than 64 million impressions delivered on Facebook and Twitter, we have shown any network that is considering adding Longmire to its line-up, how powerful, influential and engaged this fan base is! Now is the time to take the next step! By signing this petition - you pledge to follow Longmire to whichever network is lucky enough to get this exceptional TV show and its 5.6 million viewers! And by answering two simple questions - your time zone of residence and your age, you will provide an accurate & valuable demographic snapshot of the participants of the petition. Please share this petition on your own social media accounts, to help reach as many fans as possible. #LongLiveLongmire!

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